Ervaringen: Victoria met haar Beagle Prada (English)

I have always had a huge love for animals. Surrounded by dogs all my life, I thought I am the person who knows dog very well, until Prada came to my life.

Prada was a five months old female Beagle when I got her, a smart flatterer. But I also found that she had behavior problems, such as aggressiveness & dominance. I tried to adjust it by my own experiences, but helpless.

Instead of keeping her away from people, I decided to seek professional support from Eline Teygeler, an animal behavior counselor. Eline helps me to figure out and establish the cause, and develop treatment plans to modify Prada’s behavior problem.

Now, Prada is changing positively, and the improvements make us enjoy our life better. I am happy that I did it in a right way to solve pet behavior problem with an expertise. Thanks for Eline’s professional support.

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